Holocaust Survivor Walter Suskind

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The Story of Walter Suskind






Walter Suskind

Walter Suskind was a German Jew, who was born on 29 October 1906 in Ludenscheid, Germany. Walter has two brothers, Karl and Alfred as well as a foster brother Robert Salzberg.


In 1929 Walter Suskind became the director of Prussian and Polish margarine sales, for the German company Bolak. In 1935 Suskind married Hannah Natt, and in 1937 Robert Salzberg emigrated  to the United States of America.


March 1938 Suskind and his wife, Hannah’s mother Fran Natt and Walter’s mother Frieda Suskind emigrated to Holland. Suskind starts working on a sales job for Unilever, and in 1939 a baby girl is born called Yvonne, he discussed with Robert Salzberg the possibility of emigrating to the USA to work for Unilever


IN June 1941 Salzberg informs the Suskind’s that sponsorship has been arranged but a month later the Germans cease all emigration. In July 1942 the Amsterdam Jewish Council appointed Suskind to manage the Judische Schouwburg – The Dutch Theatre as a deportation centre for Jews in Amsterdam.


The deportation centre that Suskind supervised was called the Hollandsche Schouwburg, a gutted theatre located in the Jewish centre of Amsterdam.


Directly across the street from the Schouwburg there was a crèche. Tram lines ran on the street between the two buildings, and as trams passed by children were smuggled out of the Schouwburg, into the crèche, without being observed by the Germans.




Zentralstelle für jüdische Auswanderung -signed by Ferdinand aus der Funten

During the eighteen months that Walter Suskind was in charge of the Hollandsche Schouwburg and with the help of four separate groups of resistance workers, he was able to save almost one thousand infants and children and many adults.


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